The Darent story

We know that traveling is an experience, and Darent's mission is there for you to live it!

At Darent we believe there is a better way to travel.

A more enthusiastic and experience-rich way for guests to experience local cultures, and for the hosts to showcase their properties and increase their income. We are passionate about achieving this goal. Our mission is to connect travelers with their hosts, and to deliver unique experiences. We're focused on creating a platform that simplifies the vacation home rental process for everyone, from first-time hosts to seasoned travelers, and passionate about building a community that celebrates travel experiences.

How was Darent founded?

Our story at Darent is rooted in a love of travel and a passion for experimentation.

Our founders started as hosts, opening their homes to travelers looking for a unique adventure to explore Saudi Arabia. From there they saw the possibility of creating a platform that could connect hosts and guests in a more efficient way, and thus Darent was born.

We embarked on an adventure, we entered the Tourism Pioneers Camp and won first place, and we didn't stop here, we entered the MIT Accelerator, and Darent were in the first places too!

Darent is one of the first companies to obtain a license to practice shared housing from the Ministry of Tourism.

And the adventure is still
in its infancy!

Challenges never stop us..

At Darent, our team band together to go above and beyond expectations in vacation rental sector; By listening to you, constantly looking for ways to improve, and developing new tools and resources that deliver the best experience for our hosts and guests!

If you are wondering .. Where did the name Darent come from???

Our name, Darent, reflects our mission!

Because it is derived from the Arabic word (Dar), which means home, homeland, and housing, and the English word (Rent); The combination of these two words embodies our mission to provide accommodation and create a bond between our guests and hosts.

Dr. Hanin Alsubaie


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