About Us

Darent is the only leading platform in enabling hosts to promote their properties and create authentic local experiences for guests.

Our kind-hearted Arab values and our rich history of hospitality and generosity are our cornerstone and our inspiration. Upon them, we created Darent.

Here, we return to our noble Arab roots, rekindle the heritage of generosity, and revive the concepts of travel that carry with it shared human experiences and knowledge inspired by wanderlust. To this end, we post shared residential properties that build bridges of communication and friendliness between locals and visitors.

On our platform, we bring together the various resources and means available for the visitors in each region. We thrive to empower hosts in promoting their properties by providing them with holistic and informative services based on integrated guidance. In turn, we provide innovative residential solutions for tenants that are tailored to their needs, with a commitment to a professional and respectful service that certainly upholds their rights.

We aspire to become the go-to destination and guide for explorers and travelers who seek rich journeys to experience of the day-to-day lives of the locals, allowing them to visit their cafés, taste their popular dishes, and wander around their neighborhoods. It is an invitation to dive into the local culture and discover the hidden alleys of the local history.

Here, we delve into the beauty and joy of each experience and highlight the heartwarming details in every Dar.